3-Day Workshop: Mastering Illusions in Portraiture

This 3-Day workshop will be like none other. It will address how to master creating the magic of illusions in portrait painting. The premise:

All representational painting is based on illusions.
We observe three dimensional forms.
We convert them to a two dimensional surface.
We create the illusion of three dimensional forms.

In real life, seeing is believing. In painting, we recreate seeing to believe.

This workshop will be a particularly new way of approaching portrait painting by those somewhat experienced with the genre. It will be very instructive to those new to the subject.

Topics will show attendees how to address key facets of portrait painting:

• How to use shapes (rather than line) to create illusion of engaging compositions

• How to apply principles of light and shadow to create the illusion of 3-dimensional form

SPACE (foreground/background/focal perspective, etc.)
• How to create the illusion of space using tricks the masters discovered over the ages

• How to use values as the key to the illusion of space and form within a strong value pattern composition

COLOR (hue/intensity/temperature)
• How to see and mix colors to orchestrate vivid realistic illusions of the impact of hues, intensities and temperatures on portrait subjects

The workshop will include daily a/v presentations that illustrate and dramatize key principles within each of these facets. Participants will be able to apply each individual facet in an experimental portrait painted from a live model.

Gene Dillard will lead the workshop. He has years of experience as a professional portrait printer. And, years of expertise gained from a career in the graphic arts, where the skills for exactness are important and apply to the need for accuracy in creating likenesses in portrait painting. The sessions will start at 9:00 each morning. At noon, there will be a hour break for lunch. The afternoon session will last from 1:00 to 4:00.
THURSDAY, May 24, 9-4 PM
FRIDAY, May 25, 9-4 PM
FRIDAY, May 26, 9-4 PM

The cost for the 3-Day workshop is $350. A $100 deposit will hold a spot for you. Space is limited, so the workshop will only include up to 5 participants, allowing for a lot of individual instruction. The deposit and/or full payment can be easily made online here. http://dfwartworkshops.com/ Or go to www.legayportraitpainters.com/workshops

Once you register, a detailed outline of the workshop will be forwarded to you along with a materials supply list.

Submitted by Gene Dillard. Email: gene@legacyportraitpainters.com

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