Yellow Challenge entry, Brinkman

Title: “Golden”
Size: 25″x25″x3″
Medium: Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

  • Yellow is warmth, bright, love and that clear in the head feeling. That is what yellow means to me.
  • I use it to brighten, create an amber to warm the scene in my pieces.
  • The challenges to using the color can be when used in excess. It can skew a meaning behind the works by aging the image if overused.
  • Favorite painter who uses Yellow is Van Gogh

This piece was inspired by seasoned love. The warmth that yellow brings to life, and showing that the “fire still burns” even after many years of being together. Yellow, or more so golden illustrates the golden years, or golden anniversary, or simply the color yellow and gold, all giving the love, warmth and nostalgia to the love that held on through it all. They are even celebrating with a little bottle of champagne.

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