Yellow Challenge entry, Anannya Chowdhury

Anannya Chowdhury
A Rainbow Peacock on a Rainy Day
East-Indian style Acrylic Art Work
Acrylics on Canvas: Original
Dimension: 24″W x 30″H

The first rain drops after a scorching summer brings the Indian peacock out in the open , spreading its rapturous colors in ecstasy, longing for more as the clouds rumble sky to sky and the shower sweeps the horizons. A Rainbow Peacock on a Rainy Day……

No pens/ markers used, acrylics & brushes. I use my conservative old traditional free hand. My work is traditional, cultural and detailed oriented. I enjoy working with colors. I enjoy perfection in my work. I enjoy creativity. I can do the most detailed oriented work with complete perfection. I do all detailed using my free hand.

The color Yellow gives me the feeling of ‘Positive –Energy’ and ‘Hope’, just like the sun’s that never forgets to rise and set

I love using bright and vibrant colors because’ I believe that colors can radiate a human mind, percolate through the deepest thoughts and makes us just happy.

I was always fascinated with Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. His paintings are thought-provoking to me and he used yellow to his work.

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