Upward Challenge entry, Debra LaLumia

Things Are Looking Up 11x15 watercolor on paper Artist-Debra Lalumia
Debra LaLumia
Things Are Looking Up
Watercolor 11″ x 14″

My family has traveled to the Texas coast for over 25 years. On a recent trip with my husband we were sitting outside at a local eatery when I looked up at the palms trees overhead and had the image for this painting pop into my head (my mind works that way, lol).

For this painting I divided my paper into 4 uneven sections and applied a different color to each section creating a multi-color underpainting. I then applied various layers of each sections complement color plus analogous colors painting the subject matter, blending edges between sections so each flowed into the next. I was very pleased with the results of this technique.
I hope you enjoy.
Debra Lalumia
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