SQUARES Art Challenge

Art News DFW’s latest challenge to artists…SQUARES

Game Balls, 25" x 21" watercolor and acrylic. By Gail Delger

Game Balls, 25″ x 21″ watercolor and acrylic. By Gail Delger

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SQUARES: solid, stable, balanced, angular, structural, staid, traditional. A square is a basic, static shape that conveys a native sense of strength, but repeated, brightly colored, or displayed at skewed angles, it can suddenly imply mass in motion.

Weaving, architecture and sculpture often feature squares and right angles. Cubism distilled complex forms into flat, square and rectilinear shapes. Dadaism exploits squares and jarring angular shapes to disturb the plane.

Enter by October 1st, 2015

  • Show us how you include this basic, yet powerful shape in your artwork.
  • How do you use squares in your artwork: perhaps by physical dimensions, composition or surface design?
  • Does this shape remind you of certain artists or movements?

Email your entry to: ArtNewsChallenge@gmail.com
Your entry will be posted on Art News DFW and our Facebook Group and Page. Voting is automatically counted via shares on social media sites. The most popular images will be honored with an announcement. All art is copyright the artist.

Email your entry to: ArtNewsChallenge@gmail.com


  • One image (we’ll post a smallish size, but you can send what you have)
  • The title, size, and medium
  • Your thoughts on the challenge subject
  • Include your website address!

Enter by October 1st.

Email your entry to: ArtNewsChallenge@gmail.com

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