PATTERN Challenge entry, Sally Meding

Title: Phenomenon
media: Watercolor and gouache
size: 22″ x 26″
By Sally Meding

Meaning of pattern and repetition for me:
These are important design principles that help unite a painting. They can help with track of vision and emphasizing certain areas or add interest to an area that might be otherwise flat and boring.

How I use it:
I find that Edgar Whitneys reference to bears -Mama bear, baby bear and Papa bear sized pieces have to be present for pattern to work…..appears to repeat in my head. Jo Taylor and Jane Jones taught me that!

Special challenges:
Making sure I do the above!

Favorite pattern artist-has to be Gustav Klimt

Reason for this painting:
This was painted in response to the plight of bees with their colony collapse syndrome following possible pesticide exposure. Bee pollinators are important for our crops and it was sad to hear they were dying in thousands!
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