PATTERN Challenge entry, Michelle Reid~Hawley

Mellow Yellow
Michelle Reid~Hawley
Size: 14″W X 11″H depth is 1 inch.
Medium: Acrylic

Poetic accompaniment:
“Mellow Yellow”

A dreamlike sensation,
Shared everyday in all the nation,
A dab of goldenrod and then yellow,
Whisking through my mind is a sound so mellow,
The happiness of a brief splash,
And then the wave crash,
Sunflowers in bright yellow bow,
In coy flirtation of the brilliant glow that is so wow.
The brightness in the water
It glistened off the back of a nearby otter,
It reminds me of grandmother’s dandelion’s in the spring
Playing in the fallow fields in the tree swing,
Glinted flax planted under summer sun
Welcoming you home as the day is done.
It is a good friend we see each day,
And this is why yellow is the color of friendship in everyway.
Copyright ©2014 Michelle Reid

Kim Michelle Reid~Hawley
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