PATTERN Challenge entry, Meghana Joshi

The Courtyard
Meghana Joshi

The-Courtyard! Meghana Joshi

How you use it in your paintings.
I use repetitive shapes and lines to create movement ,rhythm and to unify the painting.
In ‘The Courtyard’ I have used warm and cool rectangles to create a grid that engages the viewer and then leads the eye to the other geometric elements and details in the painting subtly mentioning the staircase as the special element or focal point.

The special challenges of using this technique.
The technique has to be handled carefully so as not to over empower or understate the main focus of the painting. The pattern and repetition has to be balanced out throughout the painting to harmonize and bring out the concept.

Your favorite artists who use pattern and repetition as a device.
Edouard Vullard(French) example Vacquer Decoration 1896
Gustav Klimt(Austrian) example Judith11901
Paul Klee(Swiss) example Dream City 1921
Ravi Paranjape(India) example Green Accords 2012

Meghana Joshi

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