PATTERN Challenge entry, Darla Bostick

Beijing Guardian_Darla Bostick
Beijing Guardians
Darla Bostick

Patterns are something that appeals to all cultures, worldwide. When we traveled through China I was entranced with the attention given to detail, color and pattern. The temples are entirely covered with images of plants and nature.

After returning home the image of the lion was still on my mind. In our country the pair of lions is common at Chinese Restaurants. Did you know the lion with the ball beneath it’s paw is the male and the female is always near his side with a cub beneath her paw.

For my “Beijing Guardian” I used watercolor on paper. The final step was to add pure powdered pigment to create all the metallic lines. When it is combined with water it can be used on paper. I always use fixative on the completed image just to insure the reconstituted powder stays put. My all time favorite artist for pattern has to be Klimt. I saw his works in Vienna and they are absolutely stunning.

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