ORANGE Challenge entry, Sherri Mignonne

Sherri Mignonne
48″ x 60″ Oil on canvas

The color orange gives me a feeling of warmth, energy, and happiness. It can also say caution for danger. No matter where it’s displayed it always commands attention.
I use a lot of warm colors in my paintings and orange is typically used as a highlight because it just pops on top of reds and burgundy’s. However, it is magnificent when used as a compliment to blue as seen in those gorgeous sunsets.
My favorite artist is Javier Lopez Barbosa and his paintings are rich with the color orange. He seems to use orange is ways I would never think of, which intrigues me greatly.

In the painting “Follow” I used orange to show how powerful one color can be when used in a more monochromatic way. I am drawn in by the simplicity of color and line which causes deeper exploration of the inner flower.

“Follow” is part of a flower series I created which, as they say, begged to be painted. For many years the desire to create my own flower paintings had been stirring within me and then one day I just knew it was time to begin. There are 7 flower works in this series and I am truly nurtured and energized by them all.

Sherri Mignonne

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