ORANGE Challenge entry, Pooran Lashini Abeyan

Pooran Lashini Abeyan
60″ x 73″ Oil on canvas

To my eyes, orange color is as a mix of physical and spiritual feeling. So it gives the sensation of the physical warmness and pleasure at the same time seen it increases attraction and happiness in unknown feeling. I use orange color to show ascension and endurance to my subject. When I mix the orange with yellow see as happiness, and if I mix it more with red shows more the energy and movement.

“FLY” is oil colors on canvas 60″ x 73″ and it was painted in 2014. When I painted it with orange color in the background, I thought of the challenge and ascension. The color orange is such an integral part of my work that a deeper inspection of this color is deserved.
Pooran Lashini Abeyan
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