ORANGE Challenge entry, Anannya Chowdhury

Anannya Chowdhury
The Lotus Bloom
24” x 24” Acrylic on Canvas

Is orange a go-to color on your palette?
Orange is powerful, orange is pure source of vitality, orange is energy, orange is sun, orange is fire, and orange is beautiful sunrise and sunset, orange is my meditative mind, orange is my favorite color …

What artists (or things) do you think of when you think of orange?
When I think of orange I think of orange sky with rising sun and orange sky at evening sunset. I decided orange for this painting because, The Lotus is known to be associated with rebirth. The lotus flower with the sun which also disappeared in the night, only to re-emerge in the morning.

How do you use orange: what is its purpose in your piece?
The lotus came to symbolize the Sun and the creation. The flower always looks so clean and pure against the background of the dirty pond. I want my life to the bloom of that Lotus that blooms in muddy water and still floats so clean radiating pure beauty.

Technique: No pens/ markers used, but only acrylic colors & brushes. I use my conservative old traditional free hand to do all detailed oriented work with perfection. You can see all vibrant colors and detail work on each little area that is done with so much perfection and simple acrylic paint and brush
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