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Art News DFW: Honor Thy Artist

The purpose of Art News DFW is to foster creativity through visual art nonprofit organizations that support working artists. AND, directly support local artists. We do this by offering free publicity on this, and other affiliated sites and networks.

Since 2006, we’ve posted over 6,000 announcements from local artists (and art organizations) to promote exhibits, workshops, meetings, calls for artists, and other art events.

To submit a free notice, click on Post Your News to use our Submission Form or email them directly to

  • Your news reaches over 2,000 email subscribers, another 800 via Twitter, over 1200 on Facebook, and countless RSS feed followers. Plus many viewers on this website.
  • Your events are posted on our searchable Google calendars: Art Events, Art Instruction, Art Meetings, and Art Deadlines.

Gain free exposure for your art:

  • Post your art and events on our Flickr “Art in DFW” gallery. Just set up a free account on and then join the Art in DFW group pool. You can easily designate which images to include.
  • On Facebook, you can join a community of over 1,100 artists on the “Art Groups DFW” group. It’s an interactive way to share with other local artists.
  • Enter the artist Challenge on this site (currently the 2014 New Year Challenge) and share your art and creativity! Click here to see past challenges. Entries are posted on the website and on Facebook.
  • Submit your twitter feed or art blog for inclusion in DFW Artists Voice Daily. It’s a unique free daily  online newspaper composed of headlines linking to notices published on artist blogs or websites.

Art News DFW also provides notices of calls for entries and other art opportunitiesart instruction, art meetings and demonstrationsart videos, and guides.

We’re also honoring local artists that we consider outstanding by inviting them to participate in our Rotating Artist Headers program. As you click on various pages of our website, you’ll notice that the art changes in the header at the top. To find a link to the artist website, look in the right sidebar for the Header Art Credits. We will soon have an article on each artist.

Our latest honorees are Cecie Borschow and Deran Wright.









This site is a gift to the thriving art community of the North Texas area from: Sharon Giles & Nancy Friedel. This site is not for profit. 

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Art News DFW in 2013: Transformations in platform and design

The big news for 2013: Webmasters Nancy Friedel and Sharon Giles migrated the news blog from a Nucleus CMS platform to WordPress, principally because of the new features and capabilities that are built in. WordPress has a huge following and a large number of customizable themes and plug-ins created to choose from. The URL is now

Because we had accumulated over 5,000 records since Art News DFW was inaugurated in 2006, we had trouble loading them all into the new platform. So basically, we migrated all the records from the last two years, and left the old site as an archive. Nancy is working on finishing that up and loading them all into one platform. So soon the archive will go away.

Using the popular Graphene theme of WordPress, the look was completely redesigned.  This is the old look of the archive using Nucleus CMS.


This is the new version of Art News DFW:


Not only did we change platforms, but we transformed the design. Two columns went to three and the screen width went much wider. When the site was first set up in 2005, monitors were smaller and used less pixels in width so standards were different.

We also opted to change the colors and logo. More about that later.

Besides width options, we also gained the capability to display a “slider, ” which displays teasers of the latest five articles briefly. Plus we now have the ability to designate “sticky” posts, so that an important announcement can stay at the top of the page.

The articles that we write (or are submitted by artists, art groups, etc.) are contained in the central window. We have now increased the number viewable to 25 from 30, because of the heavy number of submissions we now receive during the busy months of the art year. To reduce scrolling, only an excerpt and image are now displayed on the front page instead of the full text. So there is an extra click to view the contents of interest.

The one sidebar has been transformed into two sidebars to offer more features. To guide you in finding information and our offerings we have subdivided the “widgets” in them into logical functions:

In the left sidebar:


  • Search box
  • Categories drop-down tool
  • Archives drop-down tool
  • Recent Posts list
  • Tags list
  • Directories & Links list


  • Free email newsletters
  • Companion sites
  • Local Arts Headlines
  • Art News DFW on Twitter

In the right sidebar:


  • Calendar Grid
  • Today’s Events listing
  • Calendars by Category / Searching / Adding Events


  • Current Challenge description
  • Post Your News
  • Header Art Credits
  • Art in DFW Flickr Gallery
  • Contact Us

So much more to describe, so it’s documented in further articles. Coming…

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Video and Film now highlighted on Art News DFW

A new category: Video / Film

A new category on Art News DFW has been created to reflect the “moving picture” aspect of the visual arts: Video / Film. Click on this heading in the topbar to view our content.

This new category reflects our ongoing dedication to news about film festivals and other local digital videography exhibits and events.

Plus it’s also useful for indexing that burgeoning genre of instructional films: the art video, now a major means of art instruction and promotion.

Every week we will publish the highlights of what’s new in art video on the 100+ art channels that we subscribe to on YouTube: “YouTube Weekly Update”. The videos include artist-produced clips and previews of professional art instruction.

A new page showing the latest 20 videos from our channel has been added: New Art Videos. It’s listed under Video / Film in the topbar.  A feed showing the most recent “New Art Videos” is also posted in the right column of the website. To see our Video Playlistsclick here.

Send your suggestions for videos and video channels to

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Welcome to Our New Look and Features

Art News DFW has had enormous growth since it was first established in 2006. The site has served us well, but it’s time for an update with a new style and more features.

So at nearly our 6,000th posting seven years later in January of 2013, we are switching to the WordPress platform.  We will continue to bring you news of North Texas area art and artists. We will continue our philosophy of service to local art groups and artists.

Our new URL is Many of the latest records have been transferred to this site, but we will keep the old site ( as an archive.

We will continue to add new features and tweak the appearance of Art News DFW. Look for future announcements and updates.

— Webmasters Sharon Giles and Nancy Friedel


Our new rotating headers will honor local artists. See the notice at the bottom of the page for information on the artists.

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Submit your art news for posting on Art News DFW

Post your visual art-related news notices on Art News DFW!

News notices are sent out daily to subscribers of our daily email newsletter Art News DFW Daily and weekly on Thursday nights to subscribers of our weekly email newsletter Art News DFW Weekly.

Please note that this offer is directed to visual artists and nonprofit visual art groups in the North Texas area. For-profit gallery notices or out-of-geographic-area notices will be included if there is room. All submissions will be moderated and edited, if necessary.

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